– operations on goods

Qlink’s warehouse logistics means precisely defined and designed processes that reflect our customers’ business needs. According to them, it runs operations on the goods in accordance with the SLA / KPI

In order to provide the highest quality services, we provide our customers with A+ class warehouse facilities located in the immediate vicinity of the A2 motorway at the Pruszków hub. These facilities have customized resources and infrastructure, resulting from the diversity of projects and the specific nature of the operations


Within the segmentation we carried out, we have distinguished several categories of services provided

Logistyka materiałów
marketingowych / POS

  • Digital media and TV promotional campaigns supported by printed materials are an important element of the marketing strategy of large businesses. Usually, the target audience are sales representatives, customer outlets, retail outlets/networks, HORECA, events and others
  • Our partners in this segment are the purchasing, trade marketing and marketing departments of international corporations
  • Our main tasks focus on the efficient organization of the physical flow of products and managing the information flow according to the customer’s instructions and schedule
  • Our services in this category of projects involve both the dispatch of completed orders from goods stored in the warehouse as well as those “on the road”

Cargo handling hub with consolidation and deconsolidation warehouse function

  • Within one of our organizational units, we have opened an operational cargo handling centre for full truckload, pallet, parcel and envelope deliveries. It operates as a consolidation and deconsolidation hub for the physical flow of goods to and from Western Europe (in transit through Poland) to the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc
  • The organisational unit is also a warehouse for return goods in transit back to the countries of consignment after prior consolidation. In order to provide customers with added value, we perform a number of non-standard activities here, including restoring the goods to a condition for resale

Services of the Customs Agency

  • As part of our cooperation with one of the most recognized Customs Agencies in Poland, we offer our customers access to operations at the customs warehouse and temporary storage warehouse using the AEO certificate
  • Qlink has EORI certification, which authorizes us to act as an exporter and importer. The company is also in the process of launching a recognised location (MCS and customs warehouse) in one of its warehouses

A wide range of services, from the physical and qualitative collection of goods, shelf and high bay racks storage, order picking in B2B, B2C, B2B2C, fix and dynamic picking models, to the release of goods and services of the Customs Agency let us create our customers’ competitive advantage in comprehensive warehouse logistics




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