Strategic and operational consulting

Qlink can also support your business in areas not directly related to physical handling of goods. We understand that a company is as strong as its weakest link. The Qlink team is there to provide ad hoc or project-based consultations.

Qlink and its partners’ consultancy is mainly focused on business development, where we focus on supporting our customers in entering new markets, auditing, optimizing and designing sales and operational processes as well as marketing strategy.


Some examples of support areas

Business development

  • Analysis of the industry potential in the context of international expansion (the European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East, the USA)
  • 3D market segmentation – multifaceted approach to market actors
  • Optimization and development of sales channels
  • Development of sales channels – market place, – e-commerce, – retail chains
  • Dropshipping as a tool to increase sales potential


  • Selection of the proper transportation resources of our own, or external (a subcontractor) in order to provide maximum flexibility for the customer with regard to: size of the transported goods (envelopes, parcels, pallets, dimensions, logs, top-ups, full truck loads, etc.), delivery time (same-day, next-day, flexible delivery time) and geographical location of target markets (domestic and international shipments)
  • Possible scale effect versus diversification of risks arising from cooperation with one or more partners/subcontractors and its impact on the breadth and depth of the partners’ portfolio
  • Advantages and disadvantages of having a central warehouse versus a central warehouse + regional warehouses
  • Process optimization: picking ups, storage, completion, co-packing, marking of goods, etc., within the current warehouse infrastructure, and its possible modernization, increasing the effectiveness of operations.
  • Analysis of resource efficiency in terms of measuring: productivity level, labour management, use of space (revenue per unit of storage), margin on variable costs, etc
  • Business case – “Own warehouse(s) vs. outsourcing of logistics services”


  • Analysis of transportation management systems available on the market and support in choosing the best solution: box systems (ready-made products), dedicated systems (one platform for managing various transportation resources, e.g. postal, courier, parcel and pallet transport, shipping, etc.)
  • Overview of the market offer and recommendations for warehouse management systems, box systems ( ready-made goods of various classes ), dedicated systems (databus + frontend applications )
  • Recommendations for system integration between all the tools necessary for the implementation of operational processes
  • Distribution models: offline, on line and mix – defining and designing the necessary functionalities of the tools applied, depending on the implemented strategy
  • Designing processes depending on IT resources in order to ensure full coherence between them for achieving business objectives


  • Wdrażamy rozwiązania zgodne z najnowszymi trendami, w tym treści, strony i aplikacje dostosowane do ekranów urządzeń mobilnych i oczekiwań współczesnych konsumentów.
  • Social Media – masz tylko sekundy żeby zwrócić na siebie uwagę !
    Efektywnie opowiemy o Twojej firmie na profilu firmowym, przeprowadzimy kampanie reklamowe wspierające Twój biznes i skontaktujemy się z osobami, które pokochają Twoją firmę.
  • Pełen wachlarz usług marketingu online – od strategii przez kreację, produkcję, zakup i optymalizację. Nasza oferta jest zawsze zindywidualizowana.
  • Przeprowadzimy kampanie reklamowe wspierające Twój biznes. Zdobędziemy klientów! Ty będziesz mógł skupić się na ich obsłudze.
  • Skontaktuj się z nami, abyśmy poznali Twoje potrzeby.




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